Why Raccoon Removal?

Call Us For Quick Raccoon Removal in Kansas CityAlthough raccoons may look cute, these animals can be a very real nuisance to homeowners, necessitating raccoon removal. Their bandit mask markings are distinctive and very fitting — like thieves, raccoons often plunder garbage cans, dumpsters, and gardens for food. They may also seek out shelter in your garage, attic, chimney, or other areas of the home, leading to smudging on your siding or downspouts, misshapen gutters, and damage to siding, soffits, and louvers. Once inside, they can tear insulation and even rip open ducts. Trust us, once you see the damage a rampant raccoon can cause, you’ll be ready for raccoon removal as soon as possible!

Apart from the material damage raccoons can cause, they can also be carriers of rabies and roundworm parasites that are dangerous for humans and pets. The parasites are transmitted through raccoon feces, which is plentiful when you have a raccoon problem. And as raccoons begin to lose their fear of people, they can show aggression toward humans and pets. That’s why quick, efficient raccoon removal is the best course of action when these nuisance animals move in.

Raccoon Removal by Eco Advantage Pest Control

Eco Advantage Pest Control of Kansas City can handle your raccoon removal with ease, preventing damage to your home and danger to your family. We complete all raccoon removal services swiftly, yet carefully to ensure that no animals are harmed in the process.

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